About Burnt Orchid

Burnt Orchid has only 1 employee...me! My name is Sarah and I am the creator/owner of this little home-run business. I started out making a wide variety of products but none of these were super successful, until I started making lip balms. It happened by chance when I found a small block of beeswax in my craft room. I wondered "what can I possibly use this for?", and I started researching.

I discovered there are SO many uses for this organic product and I stumbled across a recipe for lip balm. Hmmm, I love lip balms and if I can make my own its even better! I started out trialling different ingredients and recipes, with mixed results. A few recipes asked for honey, which didn't work well, chocolate, which just didn't seem to work ever! I was a little disheartened so at a point of giving up and moving on, I thought I would try one more time and just make my own recipe up. I got a few ingredients together (after researching what would be best for absorption/allergies/fragrance etc) and started mixing.

At this point I was making pots of lip balms. The first lot were too hard and oily, and just didn't work well. I wondered what would happen if I kept mixing the ingredients until they set (in the hope it would give me a more whipped consistency), so I stood there mixing and mixing for what felt like forever! Once the mix had set it was still soft, not a hard waxy substance. I tried a bit on my lips and instantly fell in love! My formula WORKED!! It was smooth, silky, and in no way oily or gross! Perfect!

I then discovered a problem. Tubes. Not everyone likes pots of lip balms, so I decided to try making some tubes and the mixture was too soft to put in the tubes! Oh no! Back to the drawing board again....I needed to come up with a recipe that allowed the tube lip balms to glide on easy, and not be too hard to apply, while also not being oily! This took a while to find the perfect mix, but I persisted and trialled out yet more different ingredients and have now perfected my recipe! Lovely, easy to apply tube lip balms! 

I am one happy lady! I made some lip balms for my baby shower and a few friends saw them and asked if I could make personalised ones for them. They were extremely impressed and recommended me to their friends, who then recommended me to their friends etc etc. And so my lip balm business began! It is by far my most favourite project and I hope to build it up and keep making lip and body products! After all, who doesn't like to pamper themselves once in a while! 

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