Do you like discounts? Do you like free stuff? Read below to see how you can get yourself some sweet goodies and delicious discounts!



Review Rewards

I love to see what people think of my products, and I would like my customers to share the love by leaving reviews. You can only leave a review on items purchased, and you can only review an item once (unless that item is purchased again). You also must register an account to be able to leave reviews.By leaving a review on any product purchased you will earn yourself a 5% discount* to use anywhere in store! How good is that! Please note: I will only be giving one 5% discount PER ORDER - but please leave as many reviews as you wish.The discount will be given via email as a code to use in the checkout of your next order. You can pass the code onto a friend or family member if you wish but remember to keep it safe as once it has been activated, it is counted as being used and can not be used again. 

*This applies to PUBLISHED reviews ONLY and I have the right to refuse publication of reviews if I see fit.



Loyalty System

Coming soon....



Website errors

Do you see something not right somewhere on my page? A missing link, a page title labelled wrong, spelling errors, perhaps some spam has gotten through the system somewhere? Let me know what and where it is and I will give you a 5% discount towards your next on-line order! Too easy! I try to check my site regularly but often things slip through that I miss.



Scratchies Tickets Explained

Here is a guide for prizes you could win, and how to use your discounts on your next order. All tickets are given at random. There are 150 tickets in total with a 1 in 10 chance of winning.



  • Free Gift Pack - If you see this on your ticket you can choose any gift pack from THIS range



  • Free Standard Lip Balm - Add the lip balms (and other items) you want into your cart, apply the discount code to your order and $4.00 will be deducted from the total
  • Free Lip Balm Holder Keyring - Add the keyring to your cart (along with any other items), apply the discount code to your order and $7.00 will be deducted from the total
  • 5% off - By adding the code to your order it will deduct 5% off you entire order
  • 10% off - By adding the code to your order it will deduct 10% off you entire order
  • $XX.xx - This prize gives you a monetary value to spend towards your next order (Between $1-$10). Enter the code at checkout to apply the amount

Tickets can be passed on to friends and family members but once the code has been activated it will no longer be available for use.

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